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Round two. Ding!

Every time I speak of these 'rounds' that I'm doing, I feel like I hear a boxing bell dinging the beginning of a fight. I don't really like the metaphor as I'm trying to see a new round of chemo as another chance to invite in a friend, to do me a service. It's hard, but I'm trying.

Round two is, so far, o'kay. No caffeine withdrawal, which has given me an added bounce in my step. I'm aware of the "it'll hit on day three or four," so am enjoying these days of o'kay energy and just low level nausea.

Chemo day makes me tired, kind of like I've had three glasses of wine and am walking through a bit of a fog. I still managed a ski before zonking out on the couch. Adelaide was happy to do her daily French reading on my lap while I slept, assuring me that I could just sign off on it when I woke up as she knew it "really well."

And that lovely woolly rug in the picture? That's my blanket, stitched together with yarn and …

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