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Many months and many milestones

For some reason, in a quiet moment last night, I was remembering my return home after mastectomy surgery in Vancouver. I don't know why it popped into my head, maybe because Mountain Dad was himself in Vancouver yesterday and although I wasn't going to be meeting him at the airport, I was imagining airport reunions.
I was in Vancouver for two weeks for my mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery. Mum and Dad were with me, looking after me for that time so that Shea could retain some semblance of normality for the kids back in Whitehorse. Before I'd left, he and I had said a symbolic but slightly awkward goodbye to my cancer-breast. That same sense of awkwardness peeped into our reunion when I returned home after surgery. Getting off the plane in Whitehorse it was close to midnight on a frosty mid-winter evening. Shea was there, uncharacteristically on time and waiting to greet us. I was recently released from my bindings of dressings that had held me together for the l…

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