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Life as we know it

I'm back at work four days a week now and wondering about the wisdom of my decision. My Doctor has definitely been reluctant to support my desire to go back to work so soon after treatment, but I have been persuasive. I get such a lot of goodness out of work; feelings of value, competency, normality. To be honest, three days a week was perfect but sooner or later I need to increase. I just have that Sunday-afternoon-turning-my-mind-to-the-week-ahead feeling that I haven't had for a while. I've really enjoyed the last year for the flexibility of time, that no work avails. However, I like my job, I love my colleagues and I appreciate the feeling that we're raising our eyes from focusing on the next treatment and how it will impact my body.

I've started a practice of doing daily yoga, waking up a bit earlier each morning so I can get a half hour of stretching in. On the recommendation of a friend, I've connected with a YouTube yoga channel called Yoga with Adrien…

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