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Number 8 out the gate!

That's right, we're done and done with chemo. Hopefully for the rest of my life. No more infusions to knock my cells. No more carpet-bombing of my body, as one friend says. I can begin to heal and know that everything I do will work to strengthen and not just slow down the debilitation. I'm more excited than I expected to be. Especially given that I'll be back in the chemo suite every three weeks for the next year for a different kind of 'infusion.' And that in two weeks time I'll be effectively moving myself to Vancouver for six weeks of radiation that also brings about it's own fatigue and side effects.

All that aside, I feel like I've come through something significant and can now look ahead. Look forward to things like hair (albeit just on my head - legs, underarms and other such nether regions may remain downy if that is at all possible, please and thank you). I look forward to not worrying about catching a cold when I go to the grocery store.…

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