Things rally feel like they're beginning to become holiday-esque now. We're absolutely roasting in some glorious French polenysian sun right now and lapping up the relaxing. After five days on Easter Island which was just magical it was so mysterious and exciting, we flew to Tahiti last night. we'd had the most active time on easter island, spending two full days hiking, one up a volcano (brilliant!) and the other covering pretty much half the island to reach a beach. It began raining as soon as we got there, but sprirts undaunted we ate chocolate in celebration of completing the six hour trek and lay in the drizzly sun. We had a 'relaxing'day which ended up being more hiking to the museum and another day spent whizzing gleefully round the whole island now, this time on a scooter pretending we were like the Motorcycle Diaries.

After all that exertion neither of us slept much last night being too excited about arriving in Tahiti. we have come to the island of Moorea with a Dutch couple from our Easter Island campground (instincts are telling us these guys are good 'uns). We caught the ferry this morning then a bus that is pretty much just seats on the bed of a truck. Its sunny and warm and our campground is literally on the beach of a lagoon with the most aqua coloured water I've ever seen. the waves of the Pacific break off the reek maybe a kilometre away and its absolute bliss. From my hammock this afternoon I felt like I'd stepped out of a postcard.

So, here we are and I'm anxious to go get relaxing again.

Much love,


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