More stories of the Arctic Summer

It's been so long and there is so much to tell. In a nutshell; July was wonderful fun, August has been less so. July meant Bill and Jess were visiting, Dawson City Music Festival (see above picture), closely followed by a brief but glorious sojourn with my beautiful friend Kirsten. As the sun set on July to rise in August, we packed up our rental house in Hillcrest and moved to our first own-home in Riverdale (both Hillcrest and Riverdale are suburbs of Whitehorse - follow my Uncle Colin's lead and look them up on Google Earth!). Once in Riverdale, our visitors left to head homewards and Shea and I embarked on the work that we've been putting off; he to build the house on the lot in Haines Junction, while I began my preparation for the new school year. This will be my first classroom teaching experience; I've managed to avoid it until now having landed so many 'alternative' teaching positions. My stomach seems to tell me that I have stirrings of panic - this time next week will be the night before the first day back........oh dear..... lets look at some lovely holiday snaps to take our minds off that unpleasant thought.....


Picking blueberries from the bow of the boat.

And again; Kirsten and I picked a couple of bowl-full's for brekkie the next morning.

Now this picture is interesting isn't it? Not so relaxed as when you saw us picking blueberries. This is in a rapid called "THE JAWS OF DEATH" on the Takhini River. True to their name, they ate Kirsten and I up and spat us out. You can see here Kirsten is about to topple out to her left and I'm denying that reality and trying to keep us going. We'd picked a route through these rapids ("keep to the river right, away from the wave train, follow that smooth path just like Shea so effortlessly did"), and the canoe decided that we would go the exact opposite path to the one we'd planned. Instead of skirting the wave train, here you can see us gunning right through the very middle of the large, swamping, erratic and rather messy waves. 

But we lived to tell the tale. 


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