The bump (dubbed "Bun" for want of a better title right now) and I were not quite the stars of Noises Off, but we definitely received a lot of attention due to our condition. The play was marvelous fun, lots of work (I haven't really seen Shea since the beginning of January) but just so satisfying. The cast think Bun is going to be an actor; it would kick up a storm backstage and even made a few good wallops to my belly during my on-stage moments toward the end of our run! It took me quite off guard!

Bun was awarded the cast prize for "Most Growth During a Production." Here we are posing with our celebratory cup-cake!

Bun and I reading Wedding magazines. Yes, we seem to have it back-to-front but it doesn't bother any of us!


Isa said…
Wedding magazines rot your brain - poor Bun, s/he deserves better!

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