Since a Yukon Autumn....

Since the Yukon Fall life has flown by for a variety of reasons. Leading up to Christmas found me in my first classroom teaching job and it really is hard work! I LOVE my students but it truly is demanding. Hours after school...hours on the weekend...all just to prepare lessons that they eat through in minutes. 

We whisked home to Oz for a delicious two weeks of sunshine and familial love, photos of which I will try to post later. It was hard to return to the dark of a Yukon winter where we see sunrise at 10am (after I'm in my windowless classroom) and sunset at 3pm (while I'm STILL in my windowless classroom). The temperature of late has dipped to -40 celsius, which makes everything beautiful but REALLY chilly. Shea even has to wear underwear with a wind resistant piece of fabric over his you-know-what. 

Since January I've been immersed in rehearsals and performances of a play with my theatre group. It's so wonderfully fulfilling, it makes the guilt associated with only seeing Shea asleep in bed slightly less heavy. I'm just home from the latest show - we have a three week run; it's 11:30pm on a school night and if Shea was home he'd be chastising me into bed to sleep. For some reason he's out tonight; something about a can-can show....I'm not sure if I should be worried; last night when I lovingly announced I was home as I snuck into the bedroom, he asked who I was. More of the play later.

Finally, I'd like to introduce the Bump. 25 weeks today and kicking up a storm.


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