Our last romantic weekend away before the Little Bun arrives. We spent the Easter long weekend in Haines, Alaska where Shea said it would be romantic whether I liked it or not! He then proceeded to pass out as he exited a friends hot-tub and left me worrying all night as to whether I'd become a single parent before I was even a parent. He made it through the night and we can laugh about it now (I think, I haven't actually run it past him that I'm writing this here...at least I didn't mention anything about the vomiting..)
The days were sunny and Spring was bathing us in warmth. We  walked to Pyramid Island in the middle of Mud Bay at low tide and fortunately didn't nap after our lunch as the tide had most definitely turned and covered all our tracks. Our return journey was sans boots and pants and as we made it to the mainland the sea lions were swimming in behind us on the rising tide.

Our bun is definitely becoming more objectionable - I think it's starting to develop an attitude. Today it's been elbowing and jabbing me about in a most uncomfortable manner. In a staff meeting at school today I was almost embarrassed by the rocking and rolling that was writhing away in my stomach. It's also begun to protest anytime I bend over or squish it a little; I can't ignore it anymore!


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