39 weeks - I'm told I could go "any day now." Shea and I were in the Junction (about 2hrs from Whitehorse) working on the house last weekend (actually he was working, I was reading and napping in the wall tent - I love this enforced laziness). Two of our local mates when told we were a week off the due date became quite anxious about us. One, a local nurse, said to not come back the following weekend (I'd been considering another trip out there this weekend for more napping, I mean working) and the other, a volunteer with the local ambulance service reminded us that women within two weeks of their due date are encouraged to move FROM the Junction to stay in Whitehorse until the birth. They really didn't seem to want me to go into labour there in Haines Junction. I remember Mum telling me that when she was heavily pregnant with me, she and Dad were refused service in a Chinese restaurant one night; I guess the owner didn't feel comfortable with Mum being in there so close to giving birth. 
Does being driven out of a town one-up being driven out of a restaurant?


Isa said…
My friend Janet went camping the weekend before her baby was due; he was a week late anyway, so nothing to worry about!

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