A new toy, kindly lent to us by beautiful Faith who is Mum to Elijah (2 years old - very loving toward my Little Laide) and Ember (5 months old - demonstrates for Adelaide what development will occur next - like reaching). Adelaide loves this toy, almost as much as her Sophie giraffe. I think because it's so easy to hold. She can just move her hands in a general way and some part of the contraption will make it in to her mouth. Bliss!! 
It does however, when let go, sadly fall to the floor. I watched Shea chat on the phone and absentmindedly bend down and pick it up for her. A couple of minutes later, down it would roll again and down he would bend to absentmindedly retrieve it for her. This continued for so long I ended up in stitches of laughter. It was kind of like a silly skit on tele. Neither of them minded one bit. I can see that fetching toys for our Laide still has novelty appeal. Ask me again in six months time...


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