Adelaide helping me write the blog.

It was a day of interrupted naps and over-stimulus. We'd visited the highschool where I work and the hallways with all the students and a never-ending line of teachers seeking a cuddle and passing her like a baton in a relay race, left the Little Laide inconsolable. She was awake all morning at the school and passed out in her car seat as I left the building to walk to our vehicle. Just as I was shifting things about to haul her into the car (always such a feat) I bumped her against the side of the car, she awoke and the screaming began. At home, unwilling to settle no matter the various strategies I would approach her with, we resigned ourselves to riding it out. Me attempting to type, Adelaide attempting to... well, I really don't know what she was attempting to do. Communicate something to me, but what I'm not sure of.

Defeated, she eventually gave up on working things through with me...

....right after I'd called Shea at work and asked tightly,
"when are you coming home? We need you."


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