gardening and a runny nose

I think we have to have the hardiest lettuce ever. It's survived frosts and snow and still looks fresh and happy. I'm slowly harvesting it for our salads, but this last lot I'd assumed was long dead and hadn't even checked upon it. Shea brought my attention to it and so, dutifully, Little Laide and I trooped out the other day to bring some in. It was warm enough to not wear a toque, but the wee one still ran like a tap. At one point it was coming from eyes, nose and mouth. She has had her first runny nose, oh my. It's so gross I don't quite know what to do. This runny nose business grosses me out to watch, as it slowly makes it way into her mouth, but then wiping someone else's nose with a tissue also seems odd. Unfortunately she's taken of late to sucking my shoulder and so unless I keep that nose pretty clean, I end up with snot smeared on my shirts as well.

The nose is pretty well cleared up now and having come from the Doctor's yesterday after her first check-up (we were a month and a half late for the 3 month appointment), she's been passed as healthy and happy. The good doctor commented that she'd heard I'd had a 'fabulous' labour, actually the quote was "I heard you did wonderfully well." Oh, well, stop, no go on...

Later she also commented that she'd seen on some sheet in the ER that we'd been through there as the babe had fallen from a counter. Oh, well....

Though I'm sure she didn't need to hear it I had to rush to justify how it had all occurred and that I had been on the phone, I was on call waiting forever and it had been next to me while I changed Adelaide and then it had finally answered and the woman on the other end had made me write something down and the only bit of paper was in the other room....

All in all a good check up. She's in the 75th percentile for weight. 90th percentile for height and, drumroll please...the 95th percentile for head circumference. Big brain that one. 
It's extraordinary how proud I get over these numbers that I have very little impact on. Shea and I preened ourselves over dinner at her stellar performance, then reminded ourselves that we're going to have to invoke some extra pressure if we ever want her to beat the performance of her cousin Finn. At about this age he was in the 120th percentile for everything. They had to create a new chart just for him.


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