A Hawksley Workman song (in Italics)

It's the first snow of the year guess it happens once a year (well actually, the first snow was on the weekend but I didn't have time to get a photo) oh glory and dogs in the neighbourhood are going crazy and even all the old ones that are usually lazy I wonder if it will stay for good (God, I hope not) and I wonder if it will be here in the morning when I wake up to meet the day will the fresh white snow still around me lay (sure was, made all the clean diapers on the line wet again so I guess they'll be out there for a while longer) I know that by February my thoughts on snow will be contrary (sure will) but this is now and then is then so put the bicycles away and clear the walkways with a borrowed shovel (don't need to borrow one, my canny husband ensures we have about 6. Unfortunate as I try my very best to avoid shoveling the driveway; seems a pointless endeavour as more snow will just fall and it'll all melt away again anyway) and I heard this year's supposed to be trouble if you thought last year was bad this year's supposed to be double (help me) but you never can tell and it's probably just as well take the toboggan to the nearest valley and night time comes just way too soon (oh the curse-ed darkness) and so you drag the thing home under a half lit moon so I think we should go to bed early and light a candle where we lay stay as warm as we can stay fill my nose up with the smell before you know the days will be getting long but as we hunker down a spell and the fire's burning well I like the way that we keep warm in the covers. (it's not all bad, I guess)

To hear the real thing: Hawksley Workman, First snow of the year

(I play this song each year, full blast on the stereo after an old flame introduced me to the tradition. I love the images of the song, so very apt for this moment in the year).


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