some final wedding shots

I'd love to drag out my contemplation of my wedding day for months to come but figure I should finish the compilation of pictures, 'do' something with them and move along. With that in mind I have two ore installments. Some final images from the Friday and tomorrow I'll put up some of the Saturday festivities, all pictures care of our good friend Shawn Taylor. The above logo was designed specially for us by one of my longest standing friends, Sarafina Power. Isn't she clever? I love that I'm drinking wine in the boat, and then I begin to worry about others perception of me, I muse on the interests I have and how it appears to others and then I worry about my own habits, do I have an alcohol problem? Adelaide seems happy enough so maybe it's not too much of an issue....

 (that's foxy Maggie on the left, rocking the Xtra-Tuff's, the wedding footwear of choice in the Yukon)


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