big days and nights in the big smoke

Our last day in Toronto before heading to Orangeville to visit Anne and Abby. The wee Laide is charming all we come across. I'm astounded by the helpfulness of strangers as I struggle around the city with a stroller and frou. I have a tiny command centre compared to some Mum's I pass (we check each other out as we stroll by; eye's scanning the other's carriage, clothing, baby, baby's clothes). Shea and I bought a frame that the car seat clips into, no doo-dad's, just a rickety frame that folds into nothingness and is perfect for airports. We found it at a consignment store in Duncan, Vancouver Island and it really has paid for itself already. Our chariot at home is so large I can't put it in the car - it's awesome for off-roading, not for city travel. 

Our new stroller we call the 'Urban' one and it's proved helpful but dang, on the Toronto streets it can be tricky. I actually have calluses on my palms from fighting it along the pavement. Imagine the most pig-headed shopping trolley you've ever used. Any bump or crack in the footpath pulls it off course and into the way of any passer-by's. The street car rails bump Adelaide around as she looks longingly at the suspension on the carriages of fellow babies. 

Right, I'm off to wrestle my wee baby into her car seat and then wrestle my wee Urban-stroller along the fissured foot-paths of downtown Toronto.


Anonymous said…
Oh Camille - you look so happy and Adelaide is so scrumptious! i don't have your email and i don't know really how this bloggy thing works - i was cleaning out the garage and i stumbled on some old photos of us from school in Bathurst and some old letters we wrote - and i felt the need to find you and tell you i missed you! My email is - lots of love from your old friend Mandy. xxxx

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