who needs toys?

What she is capable of when my back is turned, sometimes she goes for the plant, sometimes the knife block, she LOVES the taste of the draining rack (this is all safe, right?)...

And then we're fed up with Mum's photo shoot....

TEMP: -4°C
EXCITING AND MILDLY FRIGHTENING PROSPECT: We're leaving for a three week trip Outside* One of those weeks will be with Mountain Dad, two of them on our own in other people's homes. This was causing me mild anxiety last night as the Little Laide woke up twice throughout the night and alerted me to the fact by simply screaming, quite out of the blue. I'm used to realising her moves through varying levels of consciousness by her breathing or movements. Screaming is a new and delicious enterprise. It gets both Mum and Dad to tend to you.

*Anywhere that is not the Yukon.


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