home again, home again, joggitty jog...

The wee Laide and I are home two weeks now. I can't believe that it is only now that I have a chance to write and yet I also know the truth of it. I feel like I hit the ground running on my return; domestic duties (see above pictures of line drying nappies in the minus temperatures. Most of them I do inside but these were the poo stained ones I wanted to bleach white again. It took 10 days). We're skiing again (towing Adelaide in a chariot on ski's behind us), lugging wood for the bohemouth of a fire we heat by (it swallows on average 6 logs at a time and I fill him about four times a day). Adelaide is so much more active now; sitting up on her own, pushing herself up onto hands and knees and then launching herself forward for a belly flop onto the floor - I feel crawling is just around the corner. Oh, she really is advanced this one. 

She turned six months just the other day and my mind boggles at all the growth and changes she has gone through in that half year. We celebrated the milestone by sending Shea out to watch some stand-up comedy at a local pub. The Little Laide and I went head-to-head in a match of wills as I continue to work through my own version of sleep training. Either my child is a slow learner or I have a wilful one on my hands. We're on night 5 and she's not slipping into slumber in the ten minutes the sleep books cite. She's still crying two/three hours later. Thankfully it's not continuous, she drifts on during that time, only to awaken and have at 'er again. 

I'm putting a fine dent in the gin that my Mum left here.


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