decorating the aforementioned tree...

 Our Little Laide has learned to crawl and I blame the Christmas Tree entirely. How can a babe resist those twinkling lights, sparkling and calling out of their exquisite tastiness? One moment she was in the middle of the lounge-room floor, the next I caught movement out of the corner of my eye and she was on the move, slowly but with determination making her way to the tree to shove those delicious lights into her gob. I was so ecstatic I moved her back to her starting position and made her re-do the passage a few times over so I could get it on film. Every time she'd focus on those lights and make her way back to them. Mountain Dad says it was wrong of me to take photo's of her sucking on the lights instead of removing the electrocuting-hazard from her mouth and reach. The Good mother leaves me hanging again.

The tree began the festive season with decorations all over, covered from the very top to it's full bottom. As our Little Laide became more mobile and her fixation on the tree grew, our decorations have moved up and out of reach. I even moved the lights despite the pure joy they brought my wee one.


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