food and little fat face.

 I know the last shot is quite blurry but it caught the wee one blowing raspberries while eating. It was the latest trick before the most recent experiment with tongue clicking. If I lose track of her, which is becoming increasingly common as she gets faster and faster at crawling, I can locate her by the clucking as she chats away to the new and often hazardous objects she encounters. She desperately loves the tub of kindling we have by the fire.

Hmm, I'm now back after a brief baby-lude and feel myself set for a tangent. After a couple of days sans-poo, the Little Laide bestowed upon me not one but two. I had a hunch it was going to be two of the blighters but she tricked me into thinking it was just the one. Following the example of our good friends Faith and Ember, I'm trying to toilet-train for number two's. When she starts to grimace and grunt it's my cue to whip off clothes and diaper and plunk the bemused one upon her new plastic throne. Invariably, the job has been done and she just sits there beaming happily at me. I always hope that more will follow and I'll be able to practice my positive reinforcement and shower her with praise. Instead we both sit there somewhat awkwardly while I try to conjure sounds that might be conducive to encouraging further movements (please don't ask me to demonstrate). Mid way through the beginning of today's blogging, Little Laide grimaced, grunted and was thrown at the as-yet unsullied potty. The nugget inside her diaper was round, hard and oblivious to my anxious hopes for more. With resignation I gave up and trudged to clean and re-dress the un-trainable one. 

This is the part in the story where experienced Mum's will recognise the aforementioned poop as no regular one but one we will call 'The Plug.' Having been cued by the fact that we've had no poop for a couple of days and that this one was round and hard they can predict what came next. And with gusto it did come. 

Back in the lounge and attempting to pick up where I left off on the lap-top, another grimace and grunt indicated the passing of more. And don't you blinkin know it. When you're not using disposable, when you haven't lined the cloth diaper, you will regret it. 

Dear reader, it made me gag. 

The solid foods are making their presence felt. And smelt. 
I think it may still be too much for me. Probably too much for all of us. Let's leave it there.


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