While we weren’t at the WOMADelaide, we were at a WOMAD festival and we were with Adelaide. 

Shea bought the tickets in Canada before we left, telling me to not think about the cost. The tickets were to be my birthday present. I’m not sure how he then managed to convince me to volunteer for 18 hours of the festival and thus have the full price of both our tickets plus all camping costs reimbursed. Smooth talker the ol’ Mountain Dad.

Conveniently we were granted identical volunteering rosters and conveniently we were working in the Kids Zone. Even better, the manager of that area put me in charge of the ‘Under 5’s’ so Adelaide would have toys and kids suited to her age. Even better yet, all kids had to be supervised by their own parents so my shifts were pretty much just playing with Adelaide on some super new toys. She can now climb a slippery dip slide from the bottom to top. 

Shea was on Spin Art which involved flags of fabric, a record turntable and tubes of paint. Ask to see the shirt he spun himself. 

The festival itself was brilliant; lots of fabulous new music from around the world, glorious sunshine for the entire weekend and the most beautiful festival parkland I have ever experienced. This may have just ruined me for any future music festivals. 

The following coastal pics before the WOMAD ones, are of the Freedom Camp we found the night before the festival. It’s a spot called The Three Sisters and one I’d previously mentioned. You remember the one that involved sea arches, sea caves, and sunset on a beach we could only walk to at low tide? A stellar spot to be recommended.

Shea in the finale parade. The Kids Zone had made costumes for it over the weekend and Shea was called upon to spot a GIANT costumed lady.

 Kids Zone was in the zoo of this park and we'd been asked to keep all glitter etc off the grass as the animals graze there. Kids don't heed directions like that and so on clean up we had to come up with inventive ways to get it out of the grass.


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