Samoa with a baby

I wonder if, on our return to Canada, our Little Laide will need an ocean-white-noise machine to help her sleep?  Here in Samoa she’s slept not more than ten metres from the ocean for every nap and every night. 

We have two weeks here in what does truly seem a tropical paradise, especially now that the Little One is on the mend from her heat rash. She suffered a bit in the first couple of days as we all got used to the humidity and how best to keep ourselves cool (ish). She’s not slick with sweat and happily gads about naked for most of the day. 

Adelaide continues to prove herself as one’s best travel accessory, as the little palagi (white girl) is a hit with the locals. She gets whisked away by people at every meal and will make occasional reappearances in the arms of children or other mama’s.  She loves the attention and loves even more the kids who grin and giggle with her. I blame the two young lads at our current abode for teaching her to climb onto picnic tables. She looks so proud of herself when she gets atop one and crows with delight to get our attention. She’s also doing a whole lot of free-standing right now which makes Mountain Dad and I quake in our boots. Surely walking is a ways off? I don’t think we’re prepared.

I’ll leave off with a shot taken from where I type right now. Note that you can see a small roof in the background. We’re the highest hut around having the only two storey one here. Mountain Dad calls it our tree fort. 

Samoa is made of the stuff we fantasise about when we’re elsewhere. It’s the price that Mountain Dad has accepted he must pay to keep me from grumbling our way through the next Yukon winter (in addition to the new wood stove, extra insulation in the roof and a new car with heating that works). 


The Lumber Jill said…
Hi, mama!
Courtney told me that you and I should be blog friends. I've been writing in my private one since 2003, and have recently started one about our life in the Yukon.

You + Shea + Adelaide seem to be having a beautiful time. Yay!



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