freedom camping cont.

I think this may be the last of the Baby-moon Trip. Now that we're back home in the Yukon I've been whisked away with all the building, unpacking, re-settling and getting ready to teach in September (full-time - yipes!), that I've somewhat neglected finishing up my reflections of the time away. About halfway through the NZ leg of our journey, I started to take pictures of our freedom camping spots and wanted to post some faves on here. We stayed in all the following spots for free. Always, these were by far better than an actual campground. This practice is legal in NZ so long as you have a self contained campervan (ie. it has a loo onboard).

 Sorry, this last one was in the garden of our new friends Roger and Rhiannon. Rhi and I chatted in a second-hand store while Shea was lettuce picking. By the end of our chat she'd invited Adelaide and I back to her house for coffee. By the end of coffee she'd invited us all over for dinner. By the end of dinner we'd been invited to stay in the garden. Definitely one of the most fun freedom camps we had. Which reminds me to mention this site. I guess in North America, Freedom Campers go by the name Boondockers. This website provides a community of like-minded folk who would allow you to stay on their property while you tour around in your campervan. Kind of a more formal way of finding your own Rhi and Rog.

 We also didn't stay at either of the above two pictures but I couldn't help but include them because they're so awesome. The beach one was our last lunch spot with the Grandparentals.

Our little happy camper in the Happy Camper. I can't say enough about this company. Fabulous folk. Great van (the Happy 3, and weren't we?). A recipe for a wonderful trip. I felt like I was saying goodbye to friends when we dropped off Ol' Haps at the depot. Just don't tell them about that beach photo, I think we signed something in the contract to say we wouldn't drive on such surfaces.


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