in hangriness and coldness...

 We celebrated our one year wedding anniversary on the 19th. A year on and still together. Still exploring new places. Still building the Junction house. Still feeling somewhat amorous. Still bickering over how we should dress/change/feed/carry/care for the Little Ladie.

Still making each other laugh. Usually at the expense of the other. That's hilarious. Bugger this schmaltzy laughing together business. Give me some good old fashioned slap stick humour care of Mountain Dad's shenanigan's (usually in a state of high hangriness) any day! Gosh that man can make me laugh out loud.

Like how he's still hasn't replaced the truck battery and every time he has to drive it he needs a jump start. Even though his former vehicle was dubbed 'Bab's' by two long-time friends when they realised it, like the truck, required a daily jump start. Bab's, they told him, stood for Buy Another Battery, Shea! Each time he fusses over the jump-start of the truck, Mountain Dad mutters, "I think it might need a new battery." I laugh to myself.

I chortled out loud when he dithered and dawdled about maybe doing some work on the day of our anniversary. The Little Ladie and I had driven out to the Junction to be with him for the occasion and he had to trawl through some angst over the ethics of perhaps getting some staining done or maybe he should just relax? We spent most of the day on a wonderful (though short) hike and arrived back at the block early in the afternoon. Too early for dinner, but not too early for a pre-dinner champers (care of our lovely Isa). He set up the hammock for me, brought out the booze, snuggled into the hammock with the babe and his baby and then wavered and waffled over whether or not he should maybe do some work on the house?

Dear, sweet infuriating man.

 He's my first husband. My favourite husband. He looks after me. Keeps me warm and makes me so happy. He helped make the coolest kid around and he fathers her in a way that makes my heart do little flip flops. He made me get teary (and I never cry), when he gave me an anniversary present. A beautiful, hand-made frame designed specifically to the measurements of my ear-rings. It's to hold them all and keep them from the jumble of beads and hooks they presently inhabit.

This one's a keeper. (I mean the guy, not just the present).


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