harvest time

 We had the first frost this morning. The fire is burning most evenings and we're rugging up to leave the house. The crispness heralds the change into Autumn and with it a change in the pattern of our lives. Mountain Dad and I are back to work and our Little Ladie is off to daycare. The change has not been easy and we're all still trying to find our rythmn. I thought we were on our way to smoother waters yesterday when daycare reports were of no crying and the Little Ladie didn't want to leave. This morning, however, we awoke to a vomit clad babe, hair matted and bed flooded. When it happened is a mystery but she seemed fine despite the apparent parental neglect. Mountain Dad siad he was literally pulling up to daycare this monring and she did it again. The carseat was covered as was she. Poor darling. This evening she seems happy to have had the day with Mountain Dad, visiting the hardware store, helping with washing and bringing in firewood. Mountain Dad, on my return from work, looked exhausted and mildly stressed. 
"Are you o'kay baby?" I asked, not entirely sure who I was directing the question to. 
"I've been parenting all day," Mountain Dad offered with no further prompting. I think it took it out of him. 

And so we attempt to juggle the usual work demands, baby demands, buidling demands with the seasonal desire to nest. Firewood needs collecting from the bush, berries need picking, cars need washing, the yard needs tidying. 

Here are some pictures from our recent berry forays. The above in our own backyard stripping the blackcurrant bush. I'll give those to our good friend Helen who may make better use of them than me. The below pictures of raspberry picking with said Helen and her wee Bela. He loves our Little Ladie almsot as much as we do. She's just not sure how to handle his effusive advances.



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