the rhythm of life

Looking through pictures of the last month, to try to pull out some of my favourites or some that best represent the weeks since I last wrote, I found a series of a recent family walk. The three of us had strolled down to the river in the on return from our various daily school experiences. Mine as a high school Special Ed teacher, Mountain Dad's as a college-based work-skills facilitator and the Little Ladie's as a now-willing participant at a local Montessori daycare. More on that later.

For now, we're flicking through pictures of our September. We're recalling that afternoon stroll to the river; the Autumn colours, the dusky light, the crispness in the air that makes my heart sad for the loss of summer. Now we're looking at a picture we had no idea had been taken. What was Mountain Dad thinking?

There is Little Ladie, beaming at the camera. She's obviously followed her Mum around behind that picnic bench to see what is going on. What is her Mum doing round behind the bench there? Leaning forward, over the long grass. Hands on thighs, all bent over. Oh my, is this a puking Mum?

Why, oh why, did that photo get taken?

No guesses as to why it didn't make the cut for today's blog post.

Instead we present some more berry picking escapades. This time cranberry picking in the woods out behind our house. Not a good crop this year but a good afternoon outing.

Here she is in the same spot a year ago. This is Bela from the last post. Haven't they changed? You can see he started pushing her around from an early age, he's practically trying to roll her over!

This year Adelaide helped us pick instead of just laying around. Granted she only put in three or four berries, but we're getting her trained early.


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