now past November

Having been 'away' from here for so long, it seems a shame to only be able to tap out a quick one, but there you have it. My brother-in-law explained to me the other day that, if you think in fractions, a year in my life now, definitely goes faster than a year in my life as a ten year old; 1/33 being a whole lot smaller and hence faster than 1/10. Given the state of the last few months, I'm inclined to agree. 

It's been a steady move between school-daycare-home-bed. That's pretty much it. 

For our November Birthday's (Mountain Dad and Captain Maggie) we did manage to get away to a cabin on a lake. It was a treat of weather, food and girl natter. I feel like I was head down, bum up in hard-working earnest talks with Maggie the whole time. She'd been flown up for the weekend as a gift from her Tob. I felt like I'd been given a gift as well. 

Anyway, in summary, here is what life is like right now.
 and inside....


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