now past December

It's late on Sunday night and I want to be in bed but thought it worth posting a few of the December break. We were graced with a visit from the Grand-parentals and it was a time of good food, laughter and snowy adventures. Those Grandparentals know how to have a good time. They arrived in -30 something temperatures and though Mum worried at how they'd fare on the walk to the car, they were both as excited as two kids. I especially loved when she turned to me as we pulled into the carport at my home and said,
"So, to get to the house we just get out and go straight to the front door, right?" It was like we were coordinating the invasion of a foreign land.

They snow-shoed to get a Christmas Tree in -30 something temperatures. They tried cross-country skiing for the first time (and did so well that fellow skiers, not known to us, paused to comment). They stayed in a cabin in the woods. Visited hotsprings. Tried a wood fired sauna by candlelight and then rolled naked in the snow outside by moonlight. They went dog-sledding, tobogganing and ice-fishing. They cooked, chopped wood and sorted laundry.

Best of all, they loved a Little Ladie who adored them right back.

Oh, getting a bit teary, better sign off. Here's the first installment....

1. Snow-shoeing in the woods. 2. Our Little Ladie. 3. Helping Mountain Dad shovel the driveway on a warm day (note the no-gloves or hat). 4. Our cabin in the woods 5. which was right by the Wheaton River along which we skied and snow-shoed. Here Mountain Dad checks to see where we may fall through the ice. We turned around about here. His pole went right through. 6. Bill Snax, heading out on Kathleen Lake to set up our ice-fishing shelter on New Years Day.


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