staying classy in San Diego

Three days of San Diego sunshine, book-ended with a full day of air travel there and back. One of the six flights that I had to take was in the company of a gentleman who quietly took more thank the one seat he had paid for. I'm pondering writing to Air Canada to ask for a third of my ticket price to be refunded. Why should I pay for seat that I didn't get to sit on? 

Either that or the next time a flight attendant asks me to put the arm rest down "in preparation for landing," I'll confidently inform her that it isn't necessary as I've had the pleasure of just such a circumstance when no-one bothered to insist on it due to the impossibility of trying to enforce it.

Besides the travel that was long and tiring, San Diego impressed with it's casual air and balmy weather. The two day conference that Nicole and I had traveled there for was also interesting, but it's appeal faded in comparison to the outside pleasures of San Diego. The San Diego sun smiled upon us so we could wear sandals and shorts; our pretty, pale legs drawing an enquiring glance or two. I'm sure it was due to the shapeliness rather than their vampire-like whiteness.

We strolled through interesting neighborhoods, sought out amazing eateries and cafe's, explored historic Old Town and rented bikes for an afternoon cruise on Mission Beach Boulevard.

I thought a lot about my Mountain Man and Little Ladie far away in their frosty land. While I sat slowly relishing my latte and not rushing or thinking of the next toddler demand that may barrel my way, I reflected upon the way they bring such fulfilling joy to my life and how I didn't miss them much at all. I couldn't wait to come home and see and cuddle them both, but for those three gloriously indulgent days in San Diego, I felt the selfishness of solo life return to me. I won't be able to stay classy, San Diego. These family days require more of me than to satisfy my own whims and caprices. But thank you, sweet city, for the holiday.


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