A portrait a week of the Little Ladie.

Though Spring is still a long way off (I foster a growing resentment for the rest of the world who have such things as grass, flowers and leaves), it is gradually getting warmer here. True, we can't yet break a plus 5 Celsius day, but we can spend a wee while outside without mitts and hats. Look how happy it makes the Little One! She and I dislodged this slide from it's snow fortress and dragged it down the embankment onto the driveway - our only space clear of snow right now. Each morning for the next few days I'd have to drag it aside to get the car out of the carport. That afternoon we'd drag it back onto the driveway for more slide time. It's now on the neighbours relatively snow-free lawn. No more dragging and I popped it right by a bench so I can sit and shiver instead of stand and shiver, while cheer-leading the somewhat boring-for-Mum activity!


Eline Whist said…
Wow, she's got so much hair now! Totally looks like a little mini-Camille ;o) When are you coming back to Oz? xxx eline

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