a fruitful bounty

We scored lots of berries today but still no baby. Bending over was tricky so Mountain Dad brought along a pad for me to sit on to do my harvesting. We both end up getting so competitive over how many we each pick (he goes for mass quantity, I argue that I may pick less but I pick a cleaner lot so there's less work at home - it's a debate that's been going on for years now). I couldn't sit down the whole time so spent a good portion of the afternoon lumbering about the hillside on my hands and knee's, huffing and puffing and hauling myself around. I argue a handicap of pregnancy and a Little Ladie who enjoyed leaning on me for the majority of the time as well.

Neither of us have ever seen such a bumper cranberry year. We got this lot in maybe one hour of picking (with aforementioned handicaps no less). The product of a hot summer, perhaps? Maybe the Newluks will also be such a plump, delicious product.


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