Spring has sprung!

I think I'm beginning to buy-in to this notion of four obvious and distinct seasons throughout the year (though I would posit that the Yukon never quite make it to full blown summer, but that's another post). The snow has been gone for a couple of weeks now and our landscape has been a dusty, colourless one. The City maintenance crews are out everywhere, scraping and brushing and sweeping up all the gravel and dirt they spent all winter scattering throughout the streets. The days have become so warm we have moments in the afternoon when we can venture forth without shoes. I see the emergence of the naked limbs of my children and I hunger for more. I see my toes again and contemplate nail polish and sandals.
A few weeks ago our backyard revealed a sliver of damp lawn in the otherwise snow-white space. We timidly tested it with our boots, trudging through the rotting snow to dig out the sand box. We dragged the slide into our tiny snow-free patch and Little Ladie hauled her snow-suited self to the top, slid down to land with a plop in the soggy brown grass, and then waddled round to do it all again. Our regular afternoon 'outdoor time' had until then, consisted of a half hour of dressing in appropriate suits, toques, mitts and boots and then trudging around the neighbourhood rather slowly and with lots of complaints. I felt the time outside was important but once out there was never sure how to spend it. Did I push the kids all bundled up in their cocoon of a chariot so I could get in a brisk walk? Or did I encourage some outdoor exercise for Little Ladie as well and suffer the appalling pace of a two-year old who requires coaxing just to get to the end of the driveway? I came up with games and edible bribes ("let's go eat this piece of chocolate in the snow and then come right back inside! Doesn't that sound like fun?"). My final attempt at diversion was a failed photography project whereby she could take five photo's on our walk and we would select the best to print.
None have been printed. I'll post some of the winner's here.
So when it showed it's soggy self in the backyard, that bare patch of grass became our go-to for the afternoon outing. We jammed the beach chairs into the snow and lounged around in the weak sun. We played with snow in the sand-pit and pushed toy trucks through puddles.
And needless to say every afternoon we had a bit more room in which to play. The beach-chairs are on solid ground now and overlooked in favour of sprawling on the grass, laying next to baby Buddy who seems determined to choke himself on any biological matter he can lay his chubby hands on.
 The buds are out on the tree's and everywhere I look I see a tinge of lime green. The shift in season has happened subtly but each day we've excitedly marked it's progress. I've started to dress in more colourful outfits as I feel more light, more active, more outward looking. You truly do feel a spring in your step as Spring  noses her delightful way into our lives.
I think I'm buying in to this distinct-season thing. Don't tell Mountain Dad. 

 Our first crocus. It was the motivation of the walk; first to find a crocus would get a chocolate when we got home. I was so sure it would be me but Little Ladie spotted her first.

 We had to wake Mountain Dad up as the day was getting late. "Going hiking," now entails driving down a dirt road somewhere, parking and then moseying up a hill or some such feature to snack and bask in the sun. We didn't make it far but bythajingeys it was a treat to snooze in the sun.

In the backyard; snow still clinging on in the shady part of the yard and waterproofing the muk luks for next year. So great to put them away at last!


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