summer days drifting away...

I recently auditioned for a local play. It's a play based in a university and the characters are in their mid-twenties. Ill-prepared and very late for both the sign-up and the audition itself, I was unsurprised to be offered a polite, thank you but not this time.
However I WAS surprised to be told that one of the reasons why I was not offered a part was because of "the age thing." I'm sorry? The AGE thing? Of which 'age' thing do you refer? 

Apparently the decade that I have lived beyond my mid-twenties is more apparent than I had thought.
Maybe I'm looking older in real life than I do in my minds eye. Or the eye of my ever-admiring, always-complimentary Mountain Man? Maybe the director was turned off when I mentioned that I'd not been terribly involved in the local Arts scene of late because, for the past few years, I've been either pregnant or nursing a baby.
I don't feel particularly edgy right now.
But I do feel warm. I'm sitting on the step of the wall-tent in some early Autumn sunshine. It's getting cooler and harder to deny that Autumn is here. The leaves are turning, the snow is creeping down the hill-side and I can't quite get out of my wool jumper. Yet right now it's glorious to sit basking in some warmth. The kids are playing in the mud and dirt and Shea pounds some nails in the final stages of building his Junction House. I'll post some Junction shots later.
This is a summer-review post. I'm not sure how it has been months since my last post but there you have it. Summer has been rather varied in activity; lots of travel and recreating in June when the Grandparentals Luks visited, and then more home-based work in July and August. Mountain Dad worked on both his 'real' job and the Junction House. The kids and I just hung out, which I maintain is a form of work for me, though Mountain Dad would beg to differ. Truth be told, he only offered that opinion once and was quickly shot down for even thinking to utter something so outrageous.

Though clearly out of my mid-twenties, I'll still argue that black is white, just as I did when I was a whipper snapper. 

 Haines Junction with Grandparentals.

 Drinking games with Grandparentals.

 Having hiked to a cabin with Grandparentals. 
Little Ladie hiked the entire 3km by her own steam.

 The reason why we were looking to stay in aforementioned cabin; Laughton Glacier, Alaska.

Shea ON Laughton Glacier.

 Hiking out from the cabin.

 Evening picnic on Kathleen Lake, Yukon.

 Turning 3 years old is hard. Especially when you're sick...

 ...and spew right after the 'Happy Birthday' song. 
She didn't even eat a bite of her own cake. 
We hadn't realized she was quite that sick.

Once home, Mountain Dad asked, "Wasn't that fun?" 
It was when he slept, but for the majority of the time, 
when he screamed and writhed around in my lap, 
it wasn't awesome. For the next time I left the two 
of them at home and just went with Little Ladie.  

 p.s. I tried to make this post all the one font but it just won't work! I'd hoped that with age I would have become more tech savvy...


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