The Junction House

We have tenants moving into the Junction House on the 1st of October. This epic building project is not to be a home for us, or even a holiday cabin, but will instead be enjoyed by some lucky friends of ours. And when I say lucky, I mean LUCKY! That house is so beautiful. 

Beautiful. Cutting edge. High-end. And incredibly energy efficient.
In the final days of the project (read 'crazy-long-and-nearing-panicked-final-days'), Mountain Dad continues to make building decisions that are typically the most expensive and time consuming. I'm not sure whether to be proud or frustrated by this. My feelings towards this house are always quite varied; mixing awe with displeasure. Being impressed, yet impatient. She's like the other woman, this Junction House as she takes so much of Mountain Dad's time and thought and he's always buying her such nice things.
But she's almost done and is such a tribute to Shea's determination. He's been working hard on her these last couple of months and we've been out there with him, not necessarily helping but contributing a happy diversion. Our tenants may disagree...
Life for the kids and I while living out of our wall tent, usually involves breakfasting once Dad is in the house building. While I clean up, the kids shift in and out of the wall tent, dragging toys outside and a whole lot of dirt inside. We'll then go for a ramble somewhere in the forest that tucks Haines Junction in; forest that was so incredibly beautiful the last few trips. The Autumn colours were just glowing. Little Buddy will nap through all the beauty, but his big sister will often hop out of the chariot and walk with me. She likes to hold my hand and natter away on topics as varied as how beautiful the mountains are, to what we will wear at the next wedding we attend. Pushing my lump of a son in our cumbersome double chariot through a forest path with just one hand is tricky, but how can you say no to a Little Ladie? The feeling of that little hand in mine is one of my favourites.
I often tell her as much and she'll look up at me and say apologetically,
"I just keep growin' and growin' and then I'll be big and leave you and Daddy all alone. Sorry for growin' Mum."
It breaks my heart in more ways than one.
Here are some images of how we enjoy the Junction when we're there. Any thoughts on what we might call it when done? Shea is keen to give the house a name and isn't accepting my suggestions. Apparently 'The Junction House' is too obvious and 'That Bastard House' too hurtful. Go figure.


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