postcards to the grandparentals

Please note: the following 'postcards' to the Grandparentals Luks are made up. Written in jest by Mountain Dad and I as we hiked in a rainforest.

From Eldest Child:
Dear Mum and Dad,
Alaska is great! It rains all night but by morning it's cleared and we've actually had some sunshine!
Everything is quite damp though, I guess that is why there is moss covering all the buildings and tree's and .....well pretty much everything here. It gets to be quite warm by midday when the sun finally hits the valley floor and we're super toasty at night now that we've put extra mats under our Thermarests - can you believe that THREE of the four mats had holes?!?!
Mountain Dad has just bought us a brand new wall tent and it's beautiful. So light and compact and clean! It even comes with a wee wood stove so it'll keep us warm on winter snow trips. It's been a welcome shelter on the rainy evenings.
The kids are great. Such grubs 'cause of all the mud, but loving the beach. Little Ladie is a bit nervous about the Grizzly that locals keep telling us is "around these parts" but we haven't seen him yet.
Wish you were here!
The Newluks

From Youngest Child:

Dear Mum and Dad,
Greece is great! It's sunny all day and pleasantly warm at night.
The boys are loving the eternity pool at our private villa; swimming all the time. It's been hard trying to keep their clothes on as they're so warm all the time - sun protection can be such a drag.
When we're not swimming we're eating great food and finding some cute cafe's for delicious Greek coffee.
Our beds are soft and welcoming when we fall into them at night and there's nothing that would eat us here.
Holiday's are great!
Wish you were here!
The Luks
                                            PHOTO CREDIT: Peg and Drew Luks

Tad jealous? Me? Never! You really must see our wall tent, it's going to be the cosiest thing round come winter camping trips.

Our kids are going to hate us....

"Bet there's no glaciers in Greece!" Mountain Dad retorts. "Put THAT in your blog!"

Sigh...there it is.....


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