times of transitions

Oh my, using each other as pillows. I know that soon I'll be happy if they're at least just hitting each other with pillows, but for now, look at them! Lachlan and I walk to collect Adelaide from her preschool and she's usually so tuckered out that she naps on the way home with him. Usually it means that her bedtime is more tricky and so I use varied wily strategies to keep her from daytime napping. If I see her nodding off I talk loudly, ask obtuse questions, offer choc chips when we get home, wind down the car window and allow the negative 30 air to caress her face. On this day though, I couldn't wake her up. Well, at least not until I'd taken a million photo's.

We're on the cusp of a new chapter as I return to full-time teaching next week, Lachlan begins daycare and Shea drops back to part-time work. He'll be with the kids two days a week. I'm having such a hard time of this notion of change. Saying farewell to the baby-chapter of my life. I know all will be well and there are untold joys awaiting us all, but I feel so very sad right now. My little cuddle-snuggle boy is going to have a hard time in the next few days. He doesn't have the social independence of his big sister and maybe that makes it harder for me as well.

It will be fine in a few weeks, I know. And then before I know it he'll be like this kid - skiing and skating better than I can.

And I'll be off happily skiing on my own on days like this:
As my wise Aunt Jane says, "there's no going back and always something to look forward to."


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