greetings from vancouver #4

To my darlings,
Only six more sleeps until you get here! I'm not sure about you two, but Mama is getting excited. I'm still loving pootling around this big city, but I do miss you guys. This picture is our apartment building looking up from the bottom. We are on the 16th floor; can you even find it? Perhaps we can leave Dad in the apartment and make him wave a towel out the window so we can see which one is ours? Hmm...other people might think he needs help....maybe we could try a small kite?... hmm, maybe we'll get in trouble....what can you guys come up with? How can we find our apartment when we are looking up at this huge building?

Auntie Skye sent me a photo of you dancing in the lounge room today, so I know what was making you two happy.
Here are my happy's for today:
1) I bought a polka-dot t-shirt today. I'm so excited to wear it; I gave it a quick wash this afternoon and I hope it will be dry by tomorrow morning. I think I might still wear it, even if it is a little damp. 
2) Today I had a pedicure (that's fancy for having someone else put nail polish on your toes). It was a gift from two fabulous friends and it made me feel very relaxed. In a pedicure they not only paint your toes for you, but they also soak your feet in warm water, give you a foot massage and scrub your soles with a tool that looks like Dad's sandpaper. It felt a bit like sandpaper as well and was so tickley that I couldn't sit still. You two would have been falling off the chair you'd be so ticklish! 
3) I went for a walk after dinner tonight in the warm summer evening. I miss being in a place where the night time can be warm enough that you don't need a jumper. The park I walked to tonight was full of people enjoying the evening. Some were playing cards, some were having picnic's and others were just laying with the sun on their bodies. There was a woman busking and singing to us all, so that the sounds of the traffic and boats and planes faded into the background and this little park was full of the sound of her voice. I'll take you there and we can see if she will sing for us again. 

My frown:
I just miss you guys. 

Lots of love,


A&L Newluks said…
We miss you too Mum!!!

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